Tuesday, 17 November 2020


Malaysians nowadays are gradually shifting towards private healthcare system due to better facilities and care that are being offered compared to Public healthcare system. Not to forget how Public healthcare system are usually dealing with overcrowding issues.

Hence it is very appropriate for you to open your own private clinic at this time, which could bring a great deal of profit.

Ministry of Health regulates and monitors the private healthcare system while the Licensing Unit of Ministry is responsible for issuing licenses to private hospitals, maternity homes, clinics and nursing homes.

Steps to set up a Clinic in Malaysia

1. Location

A proper research is needed before a location is picked and lots of factors have to be considered like is it going to be in a residential or a commercial area, the population density, the financial status of the diaspora and most importantly presence of other clinics.  Having a spacious parking area available for your customers is always advantageous while catering to patients.

There were Real Estate Agency working close to help doctor to get best location for your clinic business setup:


2. Obtain the Premises

Having your own building is great but if you’re thinking on renting then have an advance 3 months amount of rent ready and prepare a proper rental agreement after a  discussion with the building owner. 

3. Registration Process

Setting up a private clinic in Malaysia is not easy as they should register under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 and Regulations 2006 with the respective state. The application may be accepted by the state office after taking a small amount of processing fee with all requirements fulfilled and after being issued a Letter of No Objection, the interior renovation and furnishing of the clinic can be started.

4. Proper Floor Plan Layout

Various physical criteria needed to be approved under Act 586 and it is necessary to work closely with the contractor that has been hired to draw out the layout you have in mind for your clinic which may include measurements for consultation room, treatment room, waiting area, pantry, pharmacy, dispensary, etc.

There were Consultant working close to help doctor to design best clinic layout for your clinic business setup:

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5. Annual Practising Certificate

Every medical practitioner needs to be registered with the MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) as per the Medical Act 1971 and must necessarily apply for Annual Practising Certificate (APC) every year. When you have kick-started your own private clinic, it is highly recommended to amend your APC to include your new clinic address. This can be quite easily done at the Ministry of Health, Putrajaya.

6. License for Advertisement

Starting with advertisements is advisable as it would attract future customers to your clinic but before that, a license need to be obtained for clinic advertisement issued your local council – like DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) which takes two months. You may start your advertisement campaign when it is approved and beat your competitors.

7. Procurement of Drugs

Open an account from various manufacturing companies so that you could procure the medicines and drugs needed for your clinic. Once the account is active (by using APC (Annual Practicing Certificate), you can place orders for drug supply.

8. Staff

Ensure staff’s EPFF and SOSCO procedures are completed at the nearby KWSP/EPF and PERKESO offices and to hire well-qualified staffs and helpers that would make your clinic thrive.

9. X-ray Machine Installation 

Remember to apply for a license if you ever planning to install an X-ray machine at your clinic as it is entirely different than the ones you currently have.

10. Companies Commission of Malaysia

The final mandatory requirement to set up your own clinic is to get registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, under the Registration of Business Act 1956.



Do you need an Interior Design for your clinic yet still comply with MOH Specification and Regulation?

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Tuesday, 2 July 2019


One of criteria in clinic setup is to built up a X-Ray Room. X-Ray Room have their own dimension to follow and its different in GP setup and Dental setup, in term of its dimension or wiring fix because of its size of machine necessary.

Because of its important, we encourage you to engage with our consultant to avoid any mistake, we will ensure you the X-Ray room will comply with Unit Sinaran KKM specification and regulation.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Important of Image & Branding for your Clinic


Nowadays Interior design is very important, even for your clinics. Interior Design & 3D is one of important segment in image & branding chapter. Many clinics now see into this image and branding, especially new clinics. Its will become your corporate identity for your clinic business.

New clinic need to compete with old clinic that more than 10 years in the market, without heavy marketing, management and strategy new clinic will just hold out less than 3 years.

We suggest you, please look into image and branding too, it will make your clinic more visible in the market, either online or offline.

If you have a budget for this, we very encourage you ta do it.

We have this kind of service to put image & branding to your clinics

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

ANGGUN Medi Spa (Aesthetic Clinic)

We also setup aesthetic clinic. This is one of our client that setup a an aesthetic clinic.

This facility has passed MOH inspection and do well in their business.

Good to know that, you need a LCP to run an aesthetic clinic :-)

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Poliklinik Premier & Klinik Pergigian Premier

This is one of biggest project we handle for our client. This project consist to make new renovation and makeover for this existing building for GP and Dental setup.

With our knowledge and expertise this project delivered smoothly as per promised to our client. This healthcare facility have been inspect by UKAPS. although we have face some hick up, with the determination and team work, the facility is completed as per schedule.

With good understanding between us and client, we can archive more.  


Malaysians nowadays are gradually shifting towards private healthcare system due to better facilities and care that are being offered comp...